Wednesday, May 27, 2009


the reason i dislike twenty eleven is that he had NO respect for other artists in the time i spent with him,
unless they are helping him in some form or another.

people i have respect for and like very much like him so im sure he has some character to him, i just can't see it at all personally.

as for twenty eleven, strong words for a strong opinion, i've had a personal run in with him and he is not my cup of tea at all. he's a hustler and knows it. wonder how much biznass he got out of tagging every vice cd that was given away at a sponsored event a few years ago that he had nothing to do with? ooooooo - hipster mystique

I didn't like the twenty eleven stuff

wow that is fuckin' awful
I jut checked it, reminds me of hobo 6025, but less honest, less skilled and with less attitude

but I'm pretty negative on people not drawing good but doing art anyway

twenty eleven is a fucking talentless dickhead who is afraid that one day someone will call him out on his "purposely" bad cutesy drawings. wanker

but a lot of people rely on that cute, simple lines shit. It's very friendly for todays angus & julia stone, tighht jean wearing society.

i dont mind twenty eleven...seen him do sum spun out glue or stick a skateboard onto walls, obviously he painted them n stuff...some cool concepts...just like ya dont see many ppl doin tiles in perth!

i liked the fact that street art lacked that kind of art wankery

man if that's the best aesthetic he can come up with after thinking it out he must be totally useless. that is rough as hell and lacking in almost any coherence or artistic merit that i can see.

how anyone can like this shit really mystifies me hey. i assume they also think girltalk is super awesome

i feel like a bit of a cunt because i am void of any artistic merit and im not a critic so i probably shouldnt comment

i should just say i dont dig it.

haha i've been sitting here thinking to myself "hrm that rant might've been a bit much, you could've just said 'nah not into it ay'" ...

i'd really like to be the kind of person who didn't condemn an artist who had a go even if they sucked, or judged those who believe these efforts are misunderstood genius, but i really do think that obviously talentless jerks who want to play at being artists are assholes, and people who like them are stupid.

when I see someone put art out there that I don't like I think 'loves himself pretentious wanker'
but in reality he probably invests heaps in it and tentatively puts it on display

fuknLOL Uisce. Myself and xfader were discussing twenty eleven the other day after he was mentioned in here, and nearly everything you put in that picture got a mention.

Props to anyone who gets their art "out there" no matter what the medium is, but the only feeling I get from viewing his work is "scrawlings of a ten year old"

Louise said it looked like "something done by a disturbed 4 year old in kindy"

like Bardot?

I don't think it's talking shit; it's discussing the merits of his artwork. Plenty of art out there only gets elevated to high levels of esteem through self-serving insular communities populated by sycophantic circle-jerkers. The general public follow suit because they have zero ability to think for themselves. Some things don't need to be infinitesimally analysed and broken down to produce meaning when there's really nothing there.

I just read an interview where he states that alcohol and a "booze lifestyle" are the primary influences for his work. Not sure whether he's just being ironic or if it's actually the case, but his sustained mentioning of "living life in the tough boroughs of Fremantle y'all" make me think it's the latter, which begs the question of how many levels his art can truly be appreciated on.

That was the point of my MS paint effort; I could easily break it down and critically analyse the elements to glean some overarching social meaning / commentary on human existence if I really wanted to find it.

If I hadn't seen this nonsense time and time again, I'd swear this guy is making a brilliant statement that those 'appreciating' the art aren't aware they are involved in.

you cant judge his stuff and break it down to justify if it has any meaning or any talent behind it, just by looking at one of his art works.
the amount of different random things he has done really just astounds me. sure i was like everyone else on this forum, i hated seeing his shit around freo. when i finally met him, and saw what his mindset was about i could understand his art. alot of people hate it because they dont see any artistic value in it.but i honnestly dont see the point in trying to prove a point over it, if people like it and pay for it that is the end of the story is it not?
i guess people just kick up a fuss about him because he doesnt portray himself as a very talented artist but yet he gets alot of coverage.
would i pay for his artwork? fuck no.

Actually, I'm starting to think that Dogma's comment is yet another addition to a fabulous piece of performance art that was kicked off with him transforming from a crusader for social justice to a coffee-vending capitalist with aspirations to retire at 35 and cruise the world on a 50 foot yacht.

...or, maybe his persona before was his performance art and now he's reverted back to the way he was!

...or, maybe this new persona actually forms part of the secret dreams of his other socialist persona!

*brain asplode*

i just showed twenty eleven some comments on here.
Which resulted in him uncontrably laughing and yelling 'yo check this people are talkin shit about me on the internet' i think the laughter might of been masking his true feelings. Good one guys hes gonna turn emo

i don't think people were trying to do anything to him, just saying that the "art" they see, is shit.
i agree with them, and the person who said that he is probably having a joke on the people who think that his "art", is good. like toni's friend with the black panels.

You actually pointed this out to him?? I find this far more "mean" than a couple of people randomly bagging the guy on the net.

but twenty was really enjoying all this publicity.
he thanks you all for your support

This statement is brilliant. I'm not going to say too much more but too many people want to be involved with art because of fashion and what is chic and hep at the moment. To be SEEN as an artist, whether or not you actuallly put in any hard yards learning to draw anything at all.

But obviously if you're a mad cunt this doesn't apply to you. ..

So what's the go with this seven-eleven guy? Is he from Perth?

yeah hes a perth dude!
wouldnt worry, been enuff talk about him!
opened a bag of worms there!